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[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_20100911.ods2015-02-13 13:08 31K 
[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_20100911.xls2015-02-13 13:08 21K 
[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_consolidated_x200s_t61.ods2015-02-13 13:08 23K 
[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_consolidated_x200s_t61.xls2015-02-13 13:08 12K 
[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_old.ods2015-02-13 13:08 26K 
[   ]000 12vdc_consumption_old.xls2015-02-13 13:08 16K 
[IMG]001 12v input fitted onto t43p.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 112K 
[IMG]002 up to 7 meter cat5 and 2 x 1.5mm2.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 108K 
[IMG]003 extra cat5 length to connect other devices temporarly.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 111K 
[IMG]004 the ugliest tv ever.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 103K 
[IMG]005 same here.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 110K 
[IMG]006 builtin 3w (omg) standby killer connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 104K 
[IMG]006 stupid power connector on the ultraslim adapter.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 123K 
[IMG]007 t61 and advanced mini dock with ugly cableing.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 105K 
[IMG]008 attached.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 102K 
[IMG]009 nicely placed spdif and other cables surrounding an empty plastic box.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 109K 
[IMG]010 all i ever wanted is a server room with a lot of cables everywhere.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 99K 
[IMG]011 turnarm and cableing.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 94K 
[IMG]012 12v power from the more efficient old type adapter.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 89K 
[IMG]013 portal.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 104K 
[IMG]014 online.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 88K 
[IMG]015 t21 battery case with direct 12v input.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 101K 
[IMG]016 the t21 is capable of running from 11.5 to 14.5v once passed bios.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 96K 
[IMG]017 the 2 x 1,5mm2 doesn't add much to the height.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 89K 
[IMG]018 nice clean cableing using d-sub screw.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 89K 
[IMG]019 10w idle.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 87K 
[IMG]020 t61 opened for cpu downgrade.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 115K 
[IMG]021 fan needs regular greasing as well.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 117K 
[IMG]022 left u7600 engineering sample with pins.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 85K 
[IMG]023 cleaned all chips.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 120K 
[IMG]024 thermal paste.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 111K 
[IMG]025 works ok since.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 104K 
[IMG]026 dell ac power cable on lenovo 65w adapter to minimize footprint.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 102K 
[IMG]027 incompatible.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 88K 
[IMG]028 before.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 84K 
[IMG]029 after.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 88K 
[IMG]030 lots of cables and an iec-c13 to car lighter plug adapter to drive battery charger.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 108K 
[IMG]031 c13 but another 12v rail to the lamp.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 98K 
[IMG]032 this recycled 5mm inox plate will be the new server room of the x200s.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 112K 
[IMG]033 plate cut with 1mm angle grinder disk.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 108K 
[IMG]034 the 50 kg iron base plate's 16mm shaft gets an upper pivot for stability.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 114K 
[IMG]035 one-finger-pull cut in the bottom.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 113K 
[IMG]036 noname 90w 20v thinkpad car adapter.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 87K 
[IMG]037 pcb of the lightweight unit.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 111K 
[IMG]038 105c capacitors.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 78K 
[IMG]039 normal 20v connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 105K 
[IMG]040 original.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 102K 
[IMG]041 broken 20v slim adapter unboxing.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 116K 
[IMG]042 pcb with around 1.5 times the capacity in the 12v part then the noname.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 122K 
[IMG]043 very robust with lot of heat transfer points.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 105K 
[IMG]044 same 105v capacitors as in the noname but 3 instead of 2.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 91K 
[IMG]045 datasheet.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 109K 
[IMG]046 upper pivot installed.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 73K 
[IMG]047 one of the few thinkpads with all connectors on the left like mbp.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 113K 
[IMG]048 level and position is set with washers under the 3 screws.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 107K 
[IMG]049 no dock no cry but proper cableing.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 96K 
[IMG]050 blade server.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 101K 
[IMG]051 my most convenient server so far.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 95K 
[IMG]052 position is kept by the 6-cell batt and some detachable duck tape.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 88K 
[IMG]053 idle.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 92K 
[IMG]054 the recycled inox pipe is deformed by the screw-nuts.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 75K 
[IMG]055 secondary hdd pocket.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 116K 
[IMG]056 yet another hdd pocket and cables fixed with duck tape.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 124K 
[IMG]057 still blade.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 110K 
[IMG]058 all cables attached and 12.5mm hdd is online with modded sata-usb connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 124K 
[IMG]059 pipe was cut with angle grinder.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 119K 
[IMG]060 noname expresscard adapter adds 2 usb connectors.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 110K 
[IMG]061 12 inch notebook looks larger than 32 inch tv at eye distance.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 54K 
[IMG]062 recycled inox cover draft.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 93K 
[IMG]063 trick with power cable to hide the noise filter.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 99K 
[IMG]064 looks too high.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 97K 
[IMG]065 v2a stainless screws sitting in pre-drilled holes and a blanked usb connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 117K 
[IMG]066 the slightly bended cover.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 95K 
[IMG]067 matches as the cover is sitting on the blanked usb connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 77K 
[IMG]068 x200s car cellphone charger.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 118K 
[IMG]069 moto charger connector connected to dedicated charge mode usb cable.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 98K 
[IMG]070 tidy server room.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 104K 
[IMG]071 wookie proof.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 101K 
[IMG]072 thin.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 99K 
[IMG]073 cover has a bended part to grab base plate.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 90K 
[VID]074 tv server and client.MPG2015-02-13 13:08 13M 
[IMG]075 vdr osd main menu.png2015-02-13 13:08 235K 
[IMG]076 vdr osd media player.png2015-02-13 13:08 268K 
[IMG]077_dvb-s_playback_and_stream_ethernet.png2015-02-13 13:08 395K 
[IMG]078_idle_panel_off.png2015-02-13 13:08 62K 
[IMG]079 t61 with velcro and 65w connector on common 20v rail.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 102K 
[IMG]080 the new recycled inox home of the t61.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 88K 
[IMG]081 solidly holding the notebook.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 95K 
[IMG]082 notebook in other position.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 96K 
[IMG]083 pushed onto the couch.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 112K 
[IMG]084 t61 attached with ugly ethernet connector.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 113K 
[IMG]085 wookie-safe working environment.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 101K 
[IMG]086 x200s and t61 factory ccfl lcd screens basically the same.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 105K 
[IMG]087 field replaceable server room with robot assistant displaying pdf manual.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 102K 
[IMG]088 a few steps from the hw maintenance manual skipped.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 94K 
[IMG]089 the affs panel in place.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 113K 
[IMG]090 colorful.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 136K 
[IMG]091 same here.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 118K 
[IMG]092 viewing angle.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 119K 
[IMG]093 close-up in bright sunshine.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 64K 
[IMG]094 outside test with brando matte screen foil.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 118K 
[IMG]095 turntable closed.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 84K 
[IMG]096 turntable half way turned.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 87K 
[IMG]097 endpoint.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 83K 
[IMG]098 both machines attached.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 86K 
[IMG]099 affs outside test 1.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 143K 
[IMG]100 affs outside test 2.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 173K 
[IMG]101 affs outside test 3.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 200K 
[IMG]102 affs outside test 4.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 177K 
[IMG]103 x200s webcam upgrade.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 69K 
[IMG]104 x200s ubuntu lucid panel off no net idle.png2015-02-13 13:08 70K 
[IMG]105 corestore mv rw test lucid 2.6.32-33-generic.png2015-02-13 13:08 71K 
[VID]106 boot_corestore_mv_32g_mlc_and_usb_drive_ubuntu_10.04.MPG2015-02-13 13:08 14M 
[IMG]107 65w adapter with dell ac cord vs 1st gen ultraslim.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 96K 
[IMG]108 65w adapter with dell ac cord vs 1st gen ultraslim height.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 72K 
[IMG]109 5.4w idle consumption with minimum brightness - x25-v - wifi on and wwan card present.jpg2015-02-13 13:08 57K 
[IMG]110 second sim holder on x200s.jpg2015-02-13 13:08 135K 
[IMG]111 htpc client built on t61.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 85K 
[IMG]112 advanced mini dock and some duck tape.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 53K 
[IMG]113 tv and remote.JPG2015-02-13 13:08 101K 
[IMG]114 affs at 60 or 50 percent.jpg2015-02-13 13:08 606K 
[TXT]broadband.html2015-02-13 13:08 36K 
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